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Who Is a Candidate?
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Woman smiling with perfect teeth at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MT.For many of our patients, dental implants are a great option to improve their smile by adding artificial teeth and dentures as additional support for their facial structure. At River's Edge Dental we have many patients come into our office to discuss whether they are the right candidate for this procedure. There are a few requirements we look for when determining whether one of our patients is the ideal candidate to get an implant.

Does the Patient Have Enough Bone Left?

When we place an implant, the device will be inserted directly into the bone of the jaw. Because of this, we require the patient to have substantial bone mass in their jaw to hold the implant in place. We prefer the jawbone to be healthy and strong, but the most important determinant is for the patient to have enough bone in place to accept the implant.

In addition to a healthy jawbone, we recommend the ideal candidate have healthy gum tissue free of gum disease if possible. The gums need to heal quickly after the implant is placed and gum disease can slow down the healing process considerably. It can also cause other complications with the implants.

Does the Patient Practice Good Dental Hygiene?

We recommend all of our patients practice good oral hygiene before getting a dental implant. Dental hygiene is extremely important once the implant is placed. This helps the gums stay strong and keep harmful bacteria out of the oral cavity so the implant will be successful.

Good oral hygiene includes some of the basics like brushing teeth and flossing after every meal. Using a gentle mouthwash can be a good step as well. We recommend visiting our office for routine dental exams twice a year to make sure the teeth and gums stay healthy, both before and after placing the implant.

Does the Patient Have Any Underlying Health Conditions?

While an underlying health condition may not automatically prevent us from putting in a dental implant, our dentists will need to complete a comprehensive medical history on all patients prior to placing the implants. This will help us determine whether the implants are a good solution for your situation or not. Some underlying health conditions, like untreated diabetes, can affect your level of oral health. Our goal is to make sure the implants will last a long time and your level of oral health can directly affect this.

Untreated diabetes is the first condition we address when deciding whether an implant is a solid form of treatment. We may also look at bone density, menopause for women, and any form of gum disease. If our patients are heavy smokers, we will need to discuss whether the implants should be done or not, as smoking can slow down and hinder the healing process.

When our patients are considering getting a dental implant, our professionals here at River's Edge Dental are happy to discuss whether these are the right tooth loss treatments option for you. It is common to ask are dental implants safe. Dental implants have helped many of our patients get the natural and beautiful smile back they have always wanted. To discuss your dental implant options, contact us today at (406) 315-5882.
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There are a few requirements we look for whether one of our patients is the ideal candidate to get a dental implant. Call River's Edge Dental now!
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