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Dental Sealants
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Picture of a kid receiving dental sealants at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MT We can reduce the likelihood of your child developing cavities or caries and keep their teeth healthy while they are still learning how to care for them by applying dental sealants. The ADA and CDC recommend dental sealants for children and teens. Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating that can be painlessly painted directly on the spots most susceptible to cavity development, including the chewing surfaces of your child's premolars and molars. By protecting these areas, we are finding that an increasing number of children are reaching adulthood without ever experiencing a cavity. At River's Edge Dental, we understand that the longer we can keep kids teeth healthy, the longer they have healthy teeth into adulthood. Working together, we can help your children have a beautifully healthy smile.

How Sealants Work

Sealants provide a huge benefit in a very simple wear. They serve as a barrier between the teeth and outside bacteria. Parents and patients alike love them because they:
•  Are Painless and Easy: Sealants are typically applied to the premolars between the ages of 5–7 as soon as they erupt. Sealants are then reapplied once the child's permanent molars erupt. Sealing permanent teeth helps protect teeth through the most cavity-prone years, ages 6–14. No drilling, no shots, and no yucky tastes or smells. Dental sealants are applied simply by painting them on. We begin with a thorough dental cleaning, we want to ensure the area is clean. Then with the tooth dry, we paint with a little brush, a thin layer onto the tooth, then set it in place with a blue laser light. The process is fast and simple.
•  Provide a Layer of Protection: Sealants cover the pits and fissures of molars, preventing food and plaque from forming cavities. Research shows that sealants actually prevent small amounts of decay found on the teeth before sealing from progressing into tooth decay once the sealant is added. Our mouths are constantly exposed to decay and infection causing bacteria. Bacteria is everywhere, in our food, drink and even the air we breathe. We know to take care of our teeth with daily brushing, flossing and rinsing, but children and teens are not known for doing the best or most consistent job. Dental sealants provide a layer of protection separating the tooth from harmful bacteria and keeping the tooth safe.
•  Long Lasting: A thin layer of plastic may not sound very durable, but dental sealants on average last for five years, and we can reapply when needed. Sealants can immediately reduce cavities by up to 80% and up to 60% for four more years beyond, often protecting teeth for up to 10 years.
•  Have Proven Success: Dental sealants work. The statistics of minor age patients show that with dental sealants the number of cavities or caries developing plummets, with most children never developing a cavity at all. The longer we can protect permanent teeth from damage, the longer they will last.

Dental Sealants for Adults

In addition to children and teens, adults can also benefit from sealants if they have permanent teeth and no filling already present on the tooth. During your dental cleaning we make an assessment to determine the likelihood of future tartar buildup and decay presence. Based on this assessment, we may recommend sealants to protect the teeth and serve as a necessary barrier. This may be especially helpful for patients who are medically delicate, handicaped or disabled. Sealants are checked at each cleaning and can be replaced when necessary.

Contact Us

We are excited at the results we see in patients with dental sealants. We invite you to ask questions and see if dental sealants are right for you. Most dental insurances cover the application of sealant in children. Check with your child's dentist and your insurance to see if your child's teeth are properly properly protected. For more information, contact our Great Falls at (406) 315-5882.
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At River's Edge Dental, we can reduce the likelihood of your child developing cavities and keep their teeth healthy by applying dental sealants. Learn more here!
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