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Dentistry for Kids
Great Falls, MT

Children smiling together at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MTCaring for our teeth and mouths should begin at a young age. This helps us avoid any issues later on down the road. At River's Edge Dental, we care about helping kids ease the path of proper dental health care. We make brushing, flossing, and oral health as fun as it can be.

Kids might find the dental office to be a fearful place. However, we make it as comfortable as possible, as well as providing an inviting atmosphere so it can be a positive experience. There is nothing worse than having a child afraid of visiting the dental office. Dentistry for children is very important, and without the proper dental care, they will likely grow up with poor dental hygiene.

Preventing Major Issues

A vast number of dental and oral issues begin at a very young age, and they can easily be detected through regular checkups. By finding the root of possible issues in the mouth and teeth of kids, we can help avoid some severe cases that would occur as the years go by. A trip or two a year to the dentist goes a long way in providing the best dental health for the child. Plus, parents can save a ton of money on remediating more complicated dental cases that could have been avoided at a young age. Also, by resolving these issues early on, kids are going to be safe from more painful visits once they get older.

When these children do not come to our office regularly, they may have many issues that will need to be addressed later on in life. Not only that, but these issues can become painful for them. Children’s teeth go through many changes, and these changes should be monitored, so their teeth remain healthy. By having your children see our dentist, you can reduce the chances of these problems becoming bigger issues as the child ages. It is important that the child see our dentist regularly for the best oral care and to solve any dental issues that they might be having now, so these issues do not become bigger in the future.

Dentists Are Friends

Contrary to what some children may think, dentists are very friendly and looking out for the child’s best interest. We are nice people, and we do our best to let kids know that they are in very safe hands. With our gentle hands plus cutting-edge technology, we can assure kids that their visits to the dentist office will be fun, free from pain and most importantly, beneficial for their future. Dentistry for kids is an important aspect of the industry. By providing these kids with a perfect smile at a young age, we here at River's Edge Dental believe that we are steering them away from the path of poor oral hygiene and into one where beautiful smiles grow. In doing so, we can give them a better and more confident smile once they grow older. Give us a call at (406) 315-5882 to find out more or schedule an appointment.
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"I was very impressed with Rivers Edge Dental. All Dr.'s are friendly and professional and their staff is outstanding. The office was beautiful with a view of the river. I will be coming back and bringing my whole family for care." ~ Stephanie K.

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If you are looking for a dentist for kids in Great Falls, call River's Edge Dental. Our dentistry for kids includes braces and dental fillings, crowns, and exams!
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