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Root Canal Therapy
Great Falls, MT

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Root Canals

Dental and oral health goes beyond taking care of issues relating to your tongue, teeth, and gums. In fact, it goes as deep as the roots of your teeth and beyond. We, here at River's Edge Dental, understand that your oral health plays a major role in your overall health. As such, we do our best to assess the worries and possible conditions of each patient through proper diagnosis of the issues they are having. 

A lot of the dental pain we see is near the root of the teeth because they become inflamed. Brushing and flossing cannot fix this issue, as it is a deeper issue. When this is the case, our dentists often recommend having root canal therapy done. Though feared by many, it is the best method for relieving the pain felt and helping to keep the patient’s tooth intact.

Root Canals and Why You Need Them

Root canal treatment is a straightforward surgical operation. It relieves patients of dental pain and most importantly, it saves their teeth from further damage. If left alone, people that are in dire need of a root canal could lose more than just the affected tooth if the issue spreads to the neighboring teeth in the jaw. They can experience intense pain caused by the infection. People usually need this treatment when there is inflammation or infection at the root of the tooth. So, before that happens, it is best to get the issue checked out immediately and taken care of before it goes too far.

The Process of Root Canal Treatment

During the root canal treatment, we numb the area for the patient so that they do not have to feel any major pain brought about by the procedure. Once done, a specialist called an endodontist will carefully remove the pulp inside the tooth and will proceed to clean and disinfect the area. The last process is placing a filling to seal the space left by the extracted pulp so that it will not swell and cause further issues.

Recovering From the Operation

The process of recovering from the operation is just as critical as the extraction process itself. Any patient who does not get the proper post care could suffer from infections or other issues. As dentists, we take good care of our patients throughout the entire process. We prescribe the proper medications they need, and most importantly, we provide them with the tips and advice they need to prevent any issues from occurring in the long run. Root canal therapy is a very intricate and delicate process. It is also an operation that people should get right away once they are recommended to do so. It helps alleviate a ton of issues, and most importantly, it is a substantial part of having a healthier mouth. Plus, it is often the only way to save an infected tooth. The only other option if the patient does not get the root canal is extracting the tooth, which is never our first choice.

People are afraid of a root canal simply because they think it is one of the most painful dental procedures to have done. However, the anesthetics we use here at River's Edge Dental are top notch, and we make sure that the patient’s comfort is our top concern. Getting a root canal as soon as possible before it gets any worse is the best way to prevent even more complicated dental issues in the future. So, if you feel you need an exam, give us a call at (406) 315-5882.

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At River's Edge Dental, we can restore a tooth with a "root canal," a procedure available to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Learn more here.
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