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Periodontal Treatment
Great Falls, MT

Illustration of a tooth with periodontal disease, in need of scaling and root planing. We offer various forms of periodontal treatment at River's Edge Dental in Great Falls, MT.

Periodontal Treatment

There are many oral diseases that people can get. Some of these conditions are very serious and can cause further health complications. Regardless of what the case is, we, at River's Edge Dental do our best to make sure that you get the most out of your visit through our cutting-edge techniques and practices. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable coming to us for all of their oral needs.

One of the most common issues that our patients come to us for is bleeding or swollen gums. When this happens, we check for something called periodontal disease. This type of condition is not something to be taken lightly, as it could be a sign of a more serious oral health problem.

What are Periodontal Diseases?

Periodontal comes from the terms peri which means around and odontal which refers to the teeth. It starts in the form of bleeding and swollen gums. Simply put, the gums will become irritated at the slightest touch. A person with periodontal disease will notice their gums bleeding after brushing their teeth even if they brush lightly.

For years now, dentists have been looking for the primary cause of periodontal disease. After years of thorough research, they found out that the cause is primarily bacteria and plaque that get under the gum line. People who do not take good care of their oral health allow bacteria to thrive in their gums and teeth, which results in periodontal disease.

Prevention and Cure

Our dentists specialize in periodontal treatment. Seeing it as a common case among patients makes us go to extreme lengths to provide our patients with clean and healthy gums. Through regular visits to our practice, patients are well on their way to healthier teeth and gums. 

Once we provide the proper diagnosis, we will then recommend the treatment that the patient requires. Some cases require more attention than the others, but regardless of how bad the condition is, we always make sure to get to the bottom of it. 

In some cases, patients will need to undergo surgical treatments such as gum graft surgery, laser treatments, or more invasive approaches. That is why we always advise our patients to visit us the moment they feel that something is wrong with their gums to avoid any problems from becoming worse. As always, we recommend brushing two times a day, and flossing is an important thing to do each day as well. By doing these preventive measures, our patients can reduce the chances of having any of these oral diseases or conditions happen to them. Proper oral hygiene is always a must.

Periodontal diseases are common and are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is something that people should be very open to talk with our dentists about as they could have major health complications. At River's Edge Dental, we offer quality periodontal treatment for our patients, and in no time, they will be able to have clean and fresh gums, as well as a confident smile. Call us at (406) 315-5882 to set up a time to come in.
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"I was very impressed with Rivers Edge Dental. All Dr.'s are friendly and professional and their staff is outstanding. The office was beautiful with a view of the river. I will be coming back and bringing my whole family for care." ~ Stephanie K.

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Gum disease may be common, but at River's Edge Dental we can provide the periodontal treatments you need to restore your oral health. Learn more here.
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